This might sound really stupid, but i have been thinking of making this journal for a long time. Mostly because i am used to blog at LJ, but YEARS of socializing i find that i am even more constricted there, than i thought. Or well, the quick version is that i had to friends lock my journal some years ago, and my paranoia haven’t lessened over time. I simply have no need for random idiots telling me how to parent.

Over time i learned the fine arts of what to blog and what not to blog, unless i want to find myself on the wrong side whatever drama. And as i tried my hardest to socialize again, just with a different crowd, i found it sorta “difficult” To have a locked lj to refer to. But there is no way i am gonna open my lj, ever. And so i figured that i would make this. An open journal, not made as an archive, and not a story. But just a journal. Who knows, maybe i will migrate here completely someday. 😉 I am not sure i wanna hand out more money to lj at all!

I’m still moving in here 😉 Have patience.

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