No Gods, no masters, no shavers.

I was actually gonna write something about clutter of the mind that equals clutter around you. But something happened that just shocked me, seriously shocked me. And since i am not about to drag my poor LJ friends through more talk about hairy pits, and my obvious crusade for it, then i suppose that my theory about all this goes here. =)

What shocked me so was all the women who does shave, just because society tells them to, because that is what “you do” if you want to come off as groomed. Where as body hair comes off as unkempt. And lets face it, who wanna look like a bag-lady? No one, not even the bag lady herself.

When i was a teenager, someone told me that they met this american fella who was really shocked to find that women had hair on their legs and in their pits, because he had never seen that. To me that sounded like it was made up, because i was like 14 maybe, and i had yet to meet someone who shaved anything.  And i remember that i thought it was really weird that someone would think that women didn’t have body hair.  Later in life i realise it must have been quite the shocking experience for that poor kid to stay on a Danish beach back then.

I can count the times i tried to shave my body hair off, on one hand. And i have to admit i don’t find it terribly comfortable. I honestly never tought twice about it, i just don’t shave. I know that having my social life within the circle of friends that i do, might sometimes blind me to the “real world” because i just didn’t realise when it became the “norm” to shave, when the hell did that happen? And as i said on LJ, i have heard several women say ‘it was nice not to shave because bla,bla,bla, but i do it because i feel i have to’. WTF? Where are your burning bras ladies? It will be a COLD day in hell before i cater to ANYONE, man woman or in between, like that. If you don’t wanna shave, you shouldn’t have to. Who’s business are your pits and your legs? Yours.. Now it can’t be that hard can it?

Some say that men don’t like it. And i can just say that i have never ever heard a peep about it, and it’s not like they are shaved, which is manly and rugged. But when it’s a woman, people tend to think that you’re some crazy treehugging lesbian.  And i have to ask, why do men get to dictate how you look? Yo buy a dishwasher and a dildo, and you don’t need a man, at least not one who claims his right to have an attitude about your appearance. He should love you, no matter how the hell you chose to look. And honestly any man who claims that hairy women are disgusting, and they sport hair themselves, needs to shut the fuck up. I think it’s a right to look like you want to, and i stress the words RIGHT and WANT. Not need or should.

What i find truly disturbing is that women have hair, we do, come on now.  You know who doesn’t? 10-year-old kids! That is just so perverse in my opinion to strive to not look like a woman, but look like a child. Because that is more pleasing to some man? – Everything is just wrong with the paragraph i just wrote, innit? I don’t care about the environment, i am not a hippie, i am not a lesbian, and i am not a hipster either. I just happen to not shave my body hair, I just can’t be bothered, to put myself through that purgatory of shaving rash and itching. Not to mention that you sweat all wrong. All in all a very unpleasant experience.

It makes me both happy and sad to find a place like Hairy pits club. Happy because there is the proof that it’s not just sad unkempt people who don’t shave. These ladies are beautiful. But sad because there is a need for something like this, and the whole ‘+4 weeks growth’ is just really disturbing. This indicates that these poor girls did shave at some point, not because they wanted to, but because they thought that they were supposed to.

I posted a different link on my facebook, and this dude i know from the internet commented like this;

shes just a lazy bitch who needs to shave and get back to something productive like sandwich construction

And i pretty much think that his comment summons it up, what the general attitude is towards women who chose not to shave. It is a cultural American thing that came here sometime in the 90ies along with Mtv and other Americanized pop-culture, and by now it’s so integrated in the Danish society that it’s odd to be hairy, though i hardly think that it’s as odd as in the states, but leave that be for now. And i think it is an issue that people should be aware of, and an issue that people should question themselves, why do i shave? Do you want your daughters to go through all that hassle? I don’t. I would think it was terrible if my daughters started to shave, i wouldn’t stop them, but i would make them answer me as to why they think it’s pretty to look like a plucked chicken.

I am personally offended by the consensus that unshaved people are filthy, smelly and not groomed.  That is bullshit and you know it!  Take someone like Drew Barrymore, is she not groomed? does she come off as filthy? No.. But guess what, she doesn’t shave.  Suppose she has to for some of her roles, but in private she leaves her body hair as it is.

The conclusion of this must be something along the lines, of ask your self why the hell you shave, if you do it for others, for society, for men. No respect from this end of the monitor. If you do it because you feel pretty, and you like it, peace be with it. The bottom line is that you should feel free to look like you want to, and never conform because you are told that something else is more socially acceptable.

One response to “No Gods, no masters, no shavers.

  1. I very much agree, and you are so right, it seems counter-intuitive that one of those things that shows that a girl is now a full grown woman, is one of those things you want to get rid of to display your femininity.

    With the hairy pits club, most of those girls are quite young, so maybe its a sign that that generation is going to reclaim what defines beauty in the same way I think they are doing with sexuality.

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