Want to read web-fiction on the go?

I found this firefox add on that will let you import any text to your kindle. https://addons.mozilla.org/da/firefox/addon/sendtoreader/ And it works, you know what that means right? It means you can download ANY webpage and read it on any device that can run a kindle app. (You can download the app for android and pc on Amazon.com) You don’t HAVE to add it as a firefox addon, you can just use their site which you can find here http://sendtoreader.com It does require you to register, either with your email or your facebook account. But believe you me, it’s worth that registration.

FireShot capture #042 - 'Compose I SENDtoREADER' - sendtoreader_com_user_compose

Click on COMPOSE and follow the steps, here i uploaded a story of my own, just pasting the link from WordPress. And click SAVE.

FireShot capture #045 - 'User home I SENDtoREADER' - sendtoreader_com_user

Go back to your ACCOUNT and you can see the story is on the feed. Click that little RSS feed icon! (OR you can click that little downward arrow next to your storys name, and it will give you the option of download, and/or share with twitter and facebook)

FireShot capture #046 - 'My history at Sendtoreader' - sendtoreader_com_history-488b83ca38c7f11c5d54ed0a0a6befed_xml

And it will take you here to your feed. As you can see anyone can sign up for your feed if they feel like, kinda neat feat if you ask me. Anyway, you click the DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT IN KINDLE FORMAT, and youre good to go. Then click the “book” in your downloads folder and it installs to your kindle.

*Now i would like to say something that is not really important but worth mentioning. This is a manual upload to kindle, but if you actually own a real kindle and a kindle-free account, sendtoreader will upload your text automatically, but all that is explained on the site, thing is that you don’t NEED it for this to work.

FireShot capture #048 - 'Amazon_com _ Kindle Store _ Manage Your Kindle' - www_amazon_com_gp_digital_fiona_manage_ie=UTF8&%2AVersion%2A=1&%2Aentries%2A=0#manageDevices

Go to your Amazon.com account and make sure that your kindle accounts are in sync, just in case you would like to read whatever you just downloaded on another device. (or books should you actually download a real one from Amazon)

24-11-2011 23-49-04

As you can see here on my PC kindle app, my little book is there, right next to Jane Austin. hahahaha! Gotta love that. I don’t actually know if you CAN add a cover or not, could be cool if you could.

24-11-2011 23-50-15

And this is how it looks =) TADA! If you want to compile more than 1 site, you can just not save your composure and upload another url to it, and it will upload into the text area under the one you uploaded first. This way you can upload multiple chapter stories. I think it’s bloody brilliant. I haven’t quite figured out how to move stuff from the computer to the phone, but that is just me being kindle impaired, i know it can be done. Have fun looking intellectual and reading porn on your lunch break. xD

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