Keep passing by the open windows.

As an author the critical observer is always a godsend. And as I said in an earlier entry, to draw the line in a very black and white manner, is helpful for most plots. The good vs evil never grows out of fashion.

I am very fascinated by religion, I would mostly call it morbid fascination though. What tickles me is the blind faith that I wish lived only in fiction. I cannot wrap my head around someone who would just hold up religious text, everytime someone questions anything.

Blind faith is also a very “cheap” card to use in writing. A character whose judgement is clouded by religion is capable of almost anything. I find it strangely “easy” to write a character like that, because it’s mostly like they don’t have any reasoning, besides whatever religious text they can quote. It doesn’t even have to make sense, as long as it’s roughly in the Bible. Like all sense hits a brick wall, and all arguments ends with ‘Because the Bible says so.’

Even if it’s cheap, it’s very efficient when you want to amplify something else, like free-thinker vs reformist, or sane vs crazy.

I can’t help but to think about children brought up in that bubble of crazy. To think there is an almighty power that keeps an eye on them, and punishes them in the afterlife if they don’t behave. Dude! most kids i know can’t even relate to being +18, even less the afterlife. I does sound paranoid to me, to think that someone judges you like that. And honestly what sort of lesson is that to teach your children? – I really shouldn’t say that, should I? I know that we all bring our children up in our own image, and you aren’t evil or a bad parent for doing that. Some parents are just terribly misguided. And yes I am talking about all parents that live their life through their children, if it’s those crazy pageant mothers on tv, putting their toddlers out there, dressed like a pedophiles fantasy girlfriend. extreme right-wing people who name their children Hitler and/or makes them sing about race war. Or crazy religious people who teach their children that God will be watching their every step, and that they should be righteous, brave and pure. In my opinion all of these are the same, sorry to say. It reeks a little of Münchausen by proxy to me, to push your child out in front of you, to show to the world that you are the best parent ever. And yes in some round about way, I think those parents do unto their child, to gain acknowledgement or attention from their peers (a.i people as mental as themselves).

Some people are of course just victims of what is done unto them, and therefore gives to others what they have, that being what they were tought. I remember this one fella in a murder case in Arkansas, Chevy Kehoe. (yeah my brain stores pointless info like that). To recap that case it was something with him killing this arms dealer and his family, to get to this blokes weapons so Kehoe could sell them for money, and fund his Aryan army. This is of course really far-fetched, and completely mental. But as the court looked at his reasons for doing something like that, they would find a very troubling childhood, living in a cabin with his 7 siblings (or something like that) and his parents who were these crazy nazi survivalist. If I remember it correctly he did actually attend school to some point, where his parents pulled him out, and took over his education. And then he was taught his parents crazy beliefs instead. I know that this defence gave him life in prison instead of the needle.

I am not making excuses for people like Kehoe, because no matter how crazy your life is, its common knowledge that you can’t go about killing people. No matter if you have some text that tells you it’s alright, or what your ultimate goal might be.

I can’t help but to think what it must be like to be brought up in an enviroment like that. Where everything is that black and white, us vs them. It must be really scary as a child, and confusing too. In most cases i hear/read about something like this, the children have no access to critical media. And to voice a different opinion or ask the wrong questions, might bring down a punishment, or your parents mistrust on you. What child wants that? So I would imagine that you eventually stop asking questions and just accept reality.  Maybe some of them dream of a different life, but simply don’t know how to make it happen, or knows that they have to leave their family behind if they chose to exile themselves from the commune. And it is like that in most cases, isn’t it? Either you are with us or your are against us, blood relative or not.

There is something strangely comforting in a simple thought process like that. Free thinkers have a knack of making life more complicated for themselves. I mean a draught for instance, it’s not the punishment of God, it’s a combination of toxins and a rapidly decreasing ozone layer and so forth. No God there. But wouldn’t it just be nice if you could dispel science as rubbish, and blindly trust in a text older than dirt.

I can’t help but to think that it must be comforting to just hand your life over like that, you are no longer responsible for anything, and everything is a part of God’s grand design. I am not sure if these people live in complete denial, and knows. Or if they really are that ignorant. But then again, as I said, ignorant people are a bliss to write.


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