Just Melvin: Just Evil

I hate when people say ‘you write what you know’ that is just such utter rubbish! At least for me it is, I admit that my writing does spring from somewhere, but most often I tend to write about things that either frighten me, or that I don’t understand, and makes an effort to put myself in the different characters place.

And some information you could live your entire life, not knowing. But still you have to know it if you are going to write it, and that is where something like autobiographies and documentaries comes in handy.

Check out the IMDb page here.

This documentary is pretty hard to come by, and it’s pure “luck” that someone uploaded it to YT. It is about child abuse, and is a terrifying tale to say the least. I thought I would make you aware of it’s existence, there is 100 reasons to watch it, and just as many not to.  I rather like this docu, it is not a subject where there are many factual movies made about it.

Anyway, if your muse works a little like mine, watch it.

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