Mirror, mirror on the wall.



So mirror images, they are creepy as fuck. I have always been uneasy with mirrors and that is no joke. I wish it was actually. I remember as a kid when the girls had this idea that if you stared into a mirror for a period of time, you’d be able to see the man you’d marry in the future. And of course I had to try this, like you have to try all the other stupid shit, like Bloody Mary and a ouija board and so forth. I didn’t see my future husband, but I did see my own face all distorted. Of course this was because you get tired in your eyes from staring and stuff goes out of focus. But for some reason it freaked me out, and made me weary about mirrors for the future. We actually only have one mirror in the house, and that is only there because the rest of my family demanded it.

Enough about myself my my irrational fears. So what is so scary about mirrors? There are several books and movies on this subject, but isn’t the most scary the thought of that it’s not you looking in as much as someone else looking out, someone stuck in a parallel mirror world, or something. What if your mirror image suddenly showed someone else than you? Or what if the world suddenly looked all different in the mirror?

And think about it, lots of stuff have a mirror surface, like monitors when they’re shut off, water, metal, windows..

Suppose this taps into the fear of not only being watched, but the whole not being the master of your own life, and the fear of mundane items suddenly becoming your worst nightmare.  I don’t know if this fear of being watched was more prominent just some ten years ago, because nowadays you are used to survailance cameras, microphones outside pubs, and not to forget the internet that registers your every move. Of course then you can analyse this fear down into what you want to be and what you are. So how you want to be seen, and what you see. And in that aspect I suppose we are suddenly talking mental health, and your self perception.

So what is it with all these goddamn urban legends and mirrors? Is it because there is a difference in what you see in the mirror when it’s light and when it’s dark? Or maybe there’s something about it? Maybe mirrors really are portals to another dimention, or a meta physical plane.  What I do know is that stories like Bloody Mary, the blue baby, and the Candyman have scared kids universally (in different versions though) througout generations.

And are you really telling me you don’t feel like you ever saw something move too fast in the mirror, out of the corner of the eye, and you closed the bathroom door, shaking your head at your own vivid imagination.

(Pucture taken from here)

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