And none for the little boy 
who cries down the lane


I read an article today about this mother who was found pushing her dead toddler in a swing. Someone called the police because this lady had been pushing this swing for over 12 hours, and someone found that odd. The police got there, found the kid dead but with no trauma to it, the article says that they had to cut the toddler out of the swing, and that the mother is at a mental facility now.

It must be the saddest thing I ever read, but it still leaves me with more questions than facts, cause some witnesses say that they had seen this lady on the playground earlier that day, but it says nothing about of she was pushing her dead kid in a swing them, or of the child was alive. Also that is some seriously fast rigor mortis if they have to cut the swing down to get the kid out, assuming that the kid wasn’t dead when put in the swing.

Think I’m making this up? Read the article here & another here. & a news report here.

 But if we ignore the mothers personal trauma and tragedy for a moment, and look at the actual act. Imagine the scary story it will without a doubt turn into.  Because it really IS creepy ain’t it? Dead kids are always creepy, dead kids and playgrounds even worse, and a mother driven insane by grief is the icing on the cake.

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