Reading; Green Lake

Green LakeGreen Lake by S.K. Epperson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think I read this story in a shorter form, or maybe I attempted at reading it before. Anyways it got some really good characters, and a great setting, and the story revolving around the two main characters are super compelling. The surrounding plot, which ought to make it a suspense story falls absolutely flat, it’s confusing and steps completely in the background to the romance story of the lead characters. You seriously get to know the male lead character’s mother better than the villain – and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out who the villain actually is, I think there might actually somehow be two villains with two sort of storylines… as I said, it’s confusing.
Which brings me to the fact that this book I downloaded for free on Amazon, so at least I did not pay for it, and in that aspect it’s decent quality in comparison to other free stuff there. It is however not a horror book as advertised, it’s a romance novel with a murder. The plot in no shape or form revolves around said murder, it’s like a blip on the horizon.
I admit I struggled a little with finishing it, but I think I was expecting something else than it is, and that is why I am only giving it 3 stars. If you expect a romance story with a dark setting, i’m sure it’s fine – if you like me expect a horror story, you will be super disappointed.

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