Shine, Bitch!

I had to close my old authors facebook for many reasons – I simply had to distance myself from a couple of tings, the major one being my name, both my old authors alias and the BSB era, and also the name I tried to use afterwards.

New name? well that was because my actual first name is very scandinavian, English, Spanish or French speaking people always pronounce it as Reggae or Veega. That is not my name, neither is my name Ricki. It seriously annoys me so much that I decided to use the name my oldest niece called me as a toddler – and well it’s not exactly bad to be in the same club as Rhianna. And the last name is actually just my real surname in bastardized icelandic because I had to find a way to make it different., and we all know the umlaut makes me special and interesting. 😛

Anyways I will be using that fb as well as this blog (which is uploaded directly to twitter) to blog. I promise I will try and do better up to writing the last of my 3 stories for the 6th man project. (or whatever the shit we decided to call it, I can’t recall but I rememer we talked for like 5 hours trying to come up with something clever that didn’t sound like a Enid Blyton title).


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