Reading: Bloodborne (#1 – 4)

Bloodborne #1 by Aleš Kot

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This reveiw goes for all the issues in this story arch (1 – 4)

I loved this story about the hunter and the paleblood child. It has loads of lore, but nothing so complicated that you can’t follow it if you played the game, and maybe didn’t endulge in deep lore videos and books.
it’s super well drawn, told and is engaging. I bought the entire series of comics (from 1 – 16) on the back of these first issues, I sort of wish I hadn’t but that is not a story for now.

I will however recommend these first 4 issues in this series, because they are absolutely awesome in every way. Even if you never played Bloodborne I am quite sure that you’d be able to follow the plot, but might not understand the ending.

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