Watching: Jack goes home

Jack Goes Home is just one of those movies that you think is going to be utter shite, but it turns out that you are glued to the damn screen. It’s super hard to explain the premises to this movie, but Jack goes home for his dads funeral, he has a history with mental illness, but everything around him is weird and you are not sure if you see the world through his filter or if it’s really happening. It is a super dark movie, and I absolutely recommend it a lot! I wouldn’t call it straight up horror, more like suspence horror, it’s a pretty slow burn movie.

Watching: Devil in the dark

This was one of those movies with low ratings that was never promoted, which surprised me the most. I absolutely adored it and I am not easy to please either cause I saw so many horror movies over the years that you sorta get jaded towards really bad plots.

So this movie is about two brothers who set out for a hunting trip, and they happen upon a monster – that’s it really, but the monster is not exactly what you’d think, and most of all it balances really well between supernatural and normal, real and hallucination.

I am not good at writing these things, but I am telling you it’s definitely worth a look.

Just Melvin: Just Evil

I hate when people say ‘you write what you know’ that is just such utter rubbish! At least for me it is, I admit that my writing does spring from somewhere, but most often I tend to write about things that either frighten me, or that I don’t understand, and makes an effort to put myself in the different characters place.

And some information you could live your entire life, not knowing. But still you have to know it if you are going to write it, and that is where something like autobiographies and documentaries comes in handy.

Check out the IMDb page here.

This documentary is pretty hard to come by, and it’s pure “luck” that someone uploaded it to YT. It is about child abuse, and is a terrifying tale to say the least. I thought I would make you aware of it’s existence, there is 100 reasons to watch it, and just as many not to.  I rather like this docu, it is not a subject where there are many factual movies made about it.

Anyway, if your muse works a little like mine, watch it.

Abuse is the weapon of the vulgar.

Okay so i decided that there is no way in fucking HELL i am gonna meet the 50k mark for Nano on the limited time given to me, i am just such a slow writer when it all comes down to it. Because my research is NEVER done (also RL is a bitch). Anyway in regards to my Nano Novell, which i am still gonna write, it’s just gonna take me longer, and then it’s tecnically not a Nano novell anymore, but just a novell, then i was headhunting stuff that was relevant to me. And i am telling you it’s hard to come by stories of child neglect, which does not include abuse also. I would like to recommend David Pelzer’s ‘the boy called it’, it’s a brilliant book on that subject if you can stomach it.

As a child, Dave was brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother: a mother who played tortuous games–games that left him Dave nearly dead. With only his willpower to survive, Dave learned how to play his Mother’s sinister games in order to survive because she no longer considered Dave a son but a slave, and no longer a boy but an “It.” -From Pelzer’s homepage.

There is also a book called ‘the kid’ by Kevin Lewis, and this was a book i picked up by pure chance at a bookshop sale for like 1 quid. But it really is a good book on said subject.

Kevin Lewis grew up on a council estate in South London. Beaten and starved by his parents, ignored by the social services and bullied at school, he was offered a chance to escape this nightmare world and was put into care. Despite his best efforts to make things work out, his life spiralled out of control. At the age of 17 he became caught up in the criminal underworld of London, where he was known as ‘The Kid’. -From

Unlike The boy called ‘it’, then The kid was actually made into a movie, i have never seen it, but i think it might be worth it to hunt it down. It might have something useful in it.

Which brings me to why i made this post in the first place. After long time searching on the matter of Steven Stayner, whos story was of interest to me, in the way that it’s different than the other ‘childhood neglect/abuse’ books out there, because it is not Steven’s parents who does this, Steven was abducted and raised by a stranger, molded into being this man’s son and victim in one. And what is interesting about the TV movie made from this story, is that it was actually Steven Stanyer himself who directed it. Anywho, i found it of all places, floating on Youtube.

Ripped straight from the headlines! On December 4, 1972, seven-year-old Steven Stayner got into a car with a stranger who convinced the boy that he was his new dad. Steven was mentally and physically abused in the most horrifying ways. Seven long years later, Steven miraculously finds his way home. But his nightmare isn’t over yet — not until his captor is brought to justice. -From Youtube.