Backmasking for Satan



I’m sure you all know the urban legend about Gloomy Sunday, but just in case it’s a story about this song made by the composer Rezső Seress and released in 1933.  Some pages say that the track was originally named Vége a világnak (The world is ending), but I don’t know if that is true or not. The urban legend is pretty simple, it just says that everyone who listens to this song commits suicide.

Radios around the world actually banned the song for a while.

Personally I’d say that the reason people committed suicide in droves was more likely because of the great depression that hit the western world in those days.

Anyway I really like the idea behind the urban legend, I have heard several versions as to why this song should be so depressing, one being that  Rezső Seress had been in an concentration camp and the lyrics were born of the sorrow of all those dead people. Only one problem there, it’s recorded in 1933, which means it’s probably written up to a year before that – and 1933 was the year Hitler became chancellor of Germany. The first concentration camp, Dachau, was built in 1933. The others were built from there till roughly  1939. So all in all that theory is pretty easy to debunk… but then what?!

The composer himself committed suicide by jumping off a building in Budapest, in 1968, and he never made another hit song besides Gloomy Sunday. Some pages say 17 some say 19  suicides is linked to the song, hard to prove though.

We can’t talk about killer music without mentioning the Lavender Town Syndrome, and that urban legend in short is about the original release of Pokemon red and green. Once the player reached a specific place in the game known as Lavender Town (everything is purple) the music played were said to drive people to insanity and death. The urban legend says that over 200 kids committed suicide after playing. The company later changed the music in Lavender Town, but it’s said that first edition Asian cassettes might still have the song as it was originally.

I’m sure you see where I’m going with this right? Everyone who is my generation will know of James Vance and the whole Judas Priest subliminal message court trial. So what makes these stories so creepy is the fact that it IS possible to hide messages, backmasking it’s called, it’s basically something that was born out of the era of Satanic panic, but hey – it can be done.

And with electronic music like the story of Lavender Town it’s easy to make a hidden pitch that will make the listener uncomfortable, because your brain hears so much more than you think you hear. I’m no tekkie, but I know that it’s possible to manipulate moods in people with specific combinations of sounds. I play the guitar and I remember my dad taught me that there is a reason songs played in minor will always sound more melancholy. So even something so “practical” as a folkish tune will manipulate you – on a minor scale of course, but my point is that it’s definitely real that specific tunes on the spectre speaks to specific human emotions and we don’t know why.

If I were to go into all the stories about visual backmasking or subliminal images I’d write you a 17 pages long entry,  but think about it, if the brain is able to “see” an image that is presented so quickly that your conscious brain doesn’t see it. Who’s to say that it cannot be done with music. To some extend it’s done with I-dosing, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s “music” composed with that exact purpose, to make the listener hallucinate. Can’t claim I understand the geek stuff behind it, but it’s designed to hit some specific brainwaves with the listener.

So who is to say that it’s not what went on with Gloomy Sunday? That there was a specific combination of tones that speaks to something subconscious?

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Mirror, mirror on the wall.



So mirror images, they are creepy as fuck. I have always been uneasy with mirrors and that is no joke. I wish it was actually. I remember as a kid when the girls had this idea that if you stared into a mirror for a period of time, you’d be able to see the man you’d marry in the future. And of course I had to try this, like you have to try all the other stupid shit, like Bloody Mary and a ouija board and so forth. I didn’t see my future husband, but I did see my own face all distorted. Of course this was because you get tired in your eyes from staring and stuff goes out of focus. But for some reason it freaked me out, and made me weary about mirrors for the future. We actually only have one mirror in the house, and that is only there because the rest of my family demanded it.

Enough about myself my my irrational fears. So what is so scary about mirrors? There are several books and movies on this subject, but isn’t the most scary the thought of that it’s not you looking in as much as someone else looking out, someone stuck in a parallel mirror world, or something. What if your mirror image suddenly showed someone else than you? Or what if the world suddenly looked all different in the mirror?

And think about it, lots of stuff have a mirror surface, like monitors when they’re shut off, water, metal, windows..

Suppose this taps into the fear of not only being watched, but the whole not being the master of your own life, and the fear of mundane items suddenly becoming your worst nightmare.  I don’t know if this fear of being watched was more prominent just some ten years ago, because nowadays you are used to survailance cameras, microphones outside pubs, and not to forget the internet that registers your every move. Of course then you can analyse this fear down into what you want to be and what you are. So how you want to be seen, and what you see. And in that aspect I suppose we are suddenly talking mental health, and your self perception.

So what is it with all these goddamn urban legends and mirrors? Is it because there is a difference in what you see in the mirror when it’s light and when it’s dark? Or maybe there’s something about it? Maybe mirrors really are portals to another dimention, or a meta physical plane.  What I do know is that stories like Bloody Mary, the blue baby, and the Candyman have scared kids universally (in different versions though) througout generations.

And are you really telling me you don’t feel like you ever saw something move too fast in the mirror, out of the corner of the eye, and you closed the bathroom door, shaking your head at your own vivid imagination.

(Pucture taken from here)


I fucking love urban legends. =) The urban legend of BEK’s (Black eyed kids) are all sorts of cool, and I am looking forward to this flick, if you wanna learn more about that you can try the hp

It’s a little hard to find anything decent on the internet, unlike Slenderman who’s origin is pretty easy to track down, the BEK’s are harder, I found this which is very well written and informative on the subject.

There are some books written on it, I downloaded this Black Eyed Kids’ By David Weatherly which is okay. =)

One thing i love more than urban legends, is watching urban legends in the making.

Left for dead.

I know i’ve been talking an awful lot about urban legends lately, but apart from it being a pet hobby of mine to keep tabs on them, then i use them a lot for my writing. Not copying, but sometimes they are a very good pointer to stuff that is not really social acceptable or just an example of contemporary fear. Such as the buried alive legends, be it bells or phones, or the terrorist legends. Urban legends are a very good way of measuring what is a social ‘no no’ at the time, or what frightens us.

Plus i like them (urban legends) for the whole ‘what if’ factor, and that is why i like using them in my fiction, i just mask them up a little, normally that is.

Just like the story i was gonna talk about now, and the reason that i am posting this, is because i stumbled across a story from Asia that is very similar, and i find that very fascinating. I’m gonna tell the story first;

THE RETURNING SOLDIER; (probably of American origin)

The story has it that a soldier departed for the Iraqi war (could be any war of your liking) He left his wife and two small children behind on base. His platoon was never really close to anywhere where there was a phone link, so much to the soldiers dismay he couldn’t call his wife at home. But finally the day came and his turn was over, and he returned to home. As he arrived a nightmarish scenario greeted him, since his wife had placed their toddler and enfant in the playpen. The wife had died on her way to the kitchen from a heart attack, and so their children had starved to death in the playpen, locked in the house with their mothers corpse.

THE BLACK DOLL; (Asian origin)

This story has it that there lived a young single mother and her baby in a cheap apartment building, the mother has to work, but she has no friends and no family to take care of this baby of hers, so with a heavy heart she makes sure that the baby is as comfortable as possible, and then hurries to work. Now she is in such a hurry to get home to her baby after work, because she is worried, she crosses the road, but doesn’t pay attention and is run over by a car. And the mother is dead on the spot. The police can’t find any I.D on her, so they have no idea who she is or where she lived, or if she has any living relatives.

A month later the landlord goes into the missing mothers apartment, his intention is to ask for the rent she owes him, but when he gets there, it seems like the woman just picked up and left in a hurry. He notices something on the floor, and wonders why she would leave in such a hurry that she’d leave her black doll behind. A strange noise comes from the black doll, and the landlord bends over to touch it, only to find it’s a baby skeleton, filled with insects.

Now these two stories both play on every parents nightmare, that if something should happen to you, your kids would perish too, or for the soldiers story, not being there when your children needs you the most. Or you can translate it out into the same “parental no-no” as the babysitter legends, you know, the ones with the crazy axe murderer and clown figures. It’s all about not leaving your child unattended, and the horrors that can happen when you are not there.

Which brings us to ‘could it happen’ – Well of course it can’t, someone would notice a screaming baby in an apartment block, hells know i live in an apartment, and if a baby kept crying next door on/off  for some time, i would eventually bang the door, and if i couldn’t get someone to come to the door, i’d call the police.  And for the soldier story, well i know that army bases aren’t really super close knit, but i don’t think that anyone wouldn’t react if you hadn’t seen a specific person for a while, or her children.

I just think these stories both go to show how powerful something like an urban legend is.

Which then leads me to what i was really researching, the different variations of  ‘child abduction’ legends, mostly the ones where a child is just spirited away to a bathroom or a such, in some huge supermarket, a circus, a playground, a fun fair or a family restaurant, to then be drugged, have a change of clothes, a new haircut and/or color, and disappears for ever. And believe me there is like a million of those stories, and i am quite sure that none of them are true, but still.

Law & Order SVU had an episode about this urban legend actually, it’s season 3, episode 3, called “stolen” It’s a hard episode to dig up for some reason, and i know that Americans are afraid of streaming stuff, so i will just link to a site that tells something about that episode. (should you want to stream it, it’s here at Novamov)

I will however return and write some more on this subject once i feel i have more on it. But if you have anything to throw in, i’d love to hear it.

The room that wasn’t there.

I was checking up on some different themed urban legends for my own entertainment, but also because i wanted to check up on a specific one for the Nano story.

Anyway, i found THIS video, that is about that ‘dissappearing mother’ story that i posted last. And thought i wanted to share it with y’all. =) This again a different variation of the story than the one that i posted, and more contemporary, but still, same story, different makeup.

Parlez-vous Anglais?

Taking a slight break from the Nano talk, and the zombie talk too for that matter. Just because I stumbled across something that reminded me of my heart-child. Urban Legends. I always loved those, i used to absolutely troll the library for them as a kid (Yes that was before the internet). And something i read just reminded me of this old-time fav urban legend of mine.  I think I’m just gonna tell the one that i have heard, and then after the end, account for the different versions i met.

A mother and her daughter were on their way from India and home to England, and since it’s before the charter planes, they had to take this trip by steam train. They have travelled far and during this trip, the mother falls ill, so by the time they reach Paris, she has a high fever. So the daughter decides to check into this neat looking hotel, and call a doctor. And she does just that, lets the mother pick the room, with lavender drapes and flowery wall paper. When the mother fell asleep in her fever haze, the daughter calls for the doctor.

When the doctor comes, the daughter tries her hardest to understand what he is saying, since he speaks no English, but luckily the night porter at the hotel does, and he explains to the daughter that the doctor is afraid that her mother is very ill, fatally so in fact. But he did not bring the medicine he needs, and now he needs the daughter to take a note to his wife, using the doctors own horse carriage to get to his house. And the doctors wife will make the concoction needed.

The daughter takes the note from the doctor, and tells the night porter, to tell the doctor that she will be right back. She then goes to the horse carriage, and since the driver failed to understand her English too, she just waved the note at the driver, which seemed to understand.  But what should have taken a short time, drags on, hours the daughter spent in the confinement of the horse carriage, as the driver seemed to drive in circles and perhaps was lost on the roads.

Finally she makes it to the doctor’s house, she gets out and knocks the door. The wife opens and the daughter shoves the note at her, assuming that she didn’t speak English either. The wife looked worried, but set to work while the daughter waited angstiosly. And around an hour later the wife finally hands the daughter the portion. The daughter pays, thanks and walks back to the horse carriage.

It takes the carriage a lot shorter to get back to the hotel, and as she arrives, holding the portion, she asks how her mother is faring, but everywhere she is met with blank stares. No one seems to remember a mother, and even the night porter claims that the daughter checked in alone. The daughter runs back and forth trying to communicate with the hotel personnel, but those who understand her, all have the same story.

Then the daughter goes to her mother’s room, the one with the lilac drapes and the flowery tapestry. But her mother is not there, all she finds are some strangers luggage, someone who apparently checked in later than her.

Story has it that she never found her mother, even if she searched high and low. But eventually met her own end in an insane asylum, gone crazy while trying to solve the puzzle of her missing mother.

– This is the version i have been told, i know that some stuff vary in this story, like the two women aren’t always women, or related, and other minor stuff.

The biggest difference i have seen is that the doctor actually wrote ‘plague’ on the note, along with some random stuff, which transforms this story into resemblance of the ‘this is the last i send you today’ urban legend. But in the version with the mention of what was written on the note, the story also goes that the mother contracted the plague while in India, and the hotel owner was afraid of loosing money if it got out that a patron of his had the plague, so they get rid of the mother in a hurry, and therefore sending the daughter on a wild goose chase. But that story also ends with the daughter hanging herself.

It’s a classic plot, and i am sure you can come up with at least 3 horror movies that has been created from this blueprint. Still i like the paranoia in it. =) It’s still a solid scary story.

Oh and for those who don’t know the ‘this is the last one i send you today’ story, it is really short, so i guess i can tell it.

It’s this fella who walks down the street, and is stopped by a war veteran (it’s up to you the storyteller, which war) and he asks for help waving a letter at the bypassers. The fella feels sorry for the cripple and walks over to him, and says ‘you need help mister?’ and the war veteran says ‘could you deliver this letter for me? it’s a couple of blocks that way, but i can’t make it there’. The fella nods, and takes the letter and as he walks off, out of the corner of his eye he sees the crippled war veteran get up from his wheelchair and hurry off into the crowd. This of course alerts the fella, and he looks at the envelope, debating with himself if he should open it. In the end he opens it and it says ‘This is the last one i am sending you today’.

-This has different versions too, the fella is a woman, the war veteran is blind, and hurries off without his cane, and sometimes the cops are called and makes a bust at the address on the envelope, and there they find a human meat butcher shop.



Brighter once amidst the host of Angels, than the sun amidst the stars.

Fallen angels, one of my absolute favourite subjects. And now I am not going to claim I am right, it is just a theory, more precisely MY theory.

The fangirl in my really wants fallen angels to be these semi naked fellas, strutting about angsting, with wings. Which is all good. But the more rational side of me has another theory. So if God created man in his image, then there is no way of knowing if the angels are too. Maybe they appear as men (and women) so a human mind can even comprehend it’s being at all, without going crazy. I mean for all we know, they could have 200 eyes and tentacles, right?

I am not a religious person by far, but for the sake of story telling, I’m all for it. And I don’t give a piss about the merciful God. No, I like the angry, vengeful God from the old testament. Why should he be merciful? Why shouldn’t he test his subjects faith, just like any other king would? And by subjects I mean the angels as well.

According to the book of Enoch, God created 200 (which is not an awful lot) of angels called the Grigori, the watchers. They were supposed to descend upon earth and guide the men and women here. But something went wrong, the Grigori wanted more, they lusted for a life on earth, they wanted wives and children, they wanted to be men. And so they took human shape (The Grigori was without form before that) And one might argue that an angel who is supposedly un-gendered would know how a man looks like under his loincloth, but apparently they got it just right.

Genesis 6:4 “the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them”. The resulting half-breeds were named as the Nephilim.

They also taught men obscure and forbidden things like astronomy, magic and herb medicine. And we all know what happened to the first one who did stuff that God didn’t approve of, right? Right. So God was mighty pissed. He pulled them from their stations on earth, took them from their wives and children, and imprisoned them in heaven for something like 70 generations. But he left the Nephilim behind with their human mothers. I have read more than one theory about the great flood (yanno Noah and all that) was not just to punish man, but also to cleanse the world of the Nephilim, God’s unwanted side product.

Now I think of the Grigori as some sort of fallen angels, and i like the story about them. And yes I know there are other theories out there, but I don’t care, I like my own. Which leads me to the fallen angel, Lucifer the morning star.

The cute version is that Lucifer loved by God the most, battled alongside his brethren to please their sire. But Lucifer was a rebel, and soon he got a mind of his own (And God doesn’t appreciate people who thinks outside the box) And in doing so he became too haughty and demanded his freedom from God’s slavery. This caused God to cast the heartbroken Lucifer from heaven, into his own pit of misery where the once bright star became a black hole of hate and venom, which spilled unto the earth, and forever since he has both loved and hated his father and brothers, battling them from dominion of God’s creation out of spite.

Now it is a good theory. I just happen to like another one better. And if you read the Bible you will find passages about how Lucifer excelled in pride and knowledge, not chastity or honour. And how he longed to sit on God’s throne, and apparently was rather vocal about it too. This pissed off God, and he kicked him from heaven, and honestly had God been a human king, he would have decapitated the fucker and put him on wheels outside the city gates, so there!

Ezekiel 28:16 “I destroyed you, O covering cherub, from the midst of the fiery stones”

And here is where it gets interesting. I have read some theories that Satan and Lucifer is indeed two different entities, see the Bible says that Lucifer is cast from heaven, and falls to the pits, and takes it upon himself to reign there. And then it also says that Samael (Satan) descended into hell, he doesn’t fall. And i sorta like that literal translation, that they are two different people, that Samael are sent from God to keep an eye on Lucifer, but as Lucifer is the corrupter, he corrupts Samael, and he turns out much, much worse than anyone could have imagined. And so in other terms, Samael is Lucifer’s henchman. Throughout the Bible, Lucifer never stops being mentioned as the fallen cherub, where as Samael is the guardian of the 5th and 6th level of heaven, where the fallen angels wait for judgement day in complete darkness (in one of those levels at least, can’t remember which) And he does pass freely between those levels, earth and hell. And it would also make sense that Samael could get into Eden to tempt Eve, if God was okay with him being there, because he still thought that he had him on the payroll.

Also if you look at Binsfeldt’s classification of the seven deadly sins, he lists them as two separate beings.

Lucifer: pride
Mammon: greed
Asmodeus: lust
Leviathan: envy
Beelzebub: gluttony
Satan/Amon: wrath
Belphegor: sloth

Ops I got sidetracked there. So who are the fallen angels? Well besides the Grigori and Lucifer, I suppose it is those angels who chose to follow Lucifer, because there was a lot who did. Like Azrael, Asatoth, Belzebub, Belial.. and all the other buds.. And lo and behold! Wormwood! The fallen angel who brings plagues upon the Earth. xD Gotta love that. I actually knew that already, and you can find a list of some of the names here at this site, I am warning you though, the rest is rubbish! Something about fallen angels being lost souls or some shit, but the list of names is neat, and you can use that for writing.

So do I think they are strutting about on earth in a loincloth being deep and tormented? Not really, but does it make for a good story? Absolutely!

Way I see it there is more chance that fallen angels are as ugly on the inside as on the outside, and honestly if we look at this rationally, (if you can even say that when it comes to Religion) then there cannot be any greater sorrow for a soul to bear, than to lose the love of God, and if you are an angel, I suppose it must be worse. And as we sorta talked about before, God is just not the most forgiving parent of them all, and he frowns upon rebellion. So with no heavenly love, no light, and no chance of being forgiven? it would surprise me that any fallen angel would survive, and if they do, they would have to be raving lunatics, right? So in my head, they are skittish, pale, sickly creatures hiding from the light because they want nothing to do with it, they don’t belong there anymore. Distorted and insane. Maybe they would even despise each other, not wanting to be reminded of what they are. And some would maybe even shine again, like black diamonds transforming into dark chaotic fury, having found another call, aiding their brother on his mission to sit upon the throne of God. (I don’t think that Lucifer would give up that dream, just because he was shown the door) After all he did wage war on heaven for a very VERY long time.

If you have a theory I’d love to hear it. And yeah i am writing all this because I am writing a story about it. xD I just promised myself I’d use this journal for the nerdy part of what inspired me to write stuff. Oh and the subject line is a quote from Paradise Lost about Lucifer.