I am working on a video about animated horror, I hope to have that up this weekend. I am also working on writing a phone text horror story, it is seriously harder than you’d think.

I need to be better at posting reviews here, books, music and movies – I don’t think myself a critic, but I might inspire someone to watch or read something, and that would be awesome.

What happened in my hiatus, is that I decided to make this my main blog, and thus I will of course use it more often, but also not always write super long and thought through posts as I have in the past. I can however promise that it is all horror related, I will not start talking about my private life (that is what facebook is for).

Just posted the worst and the best book I read in recent time, I sadly don’t find a lot of time to read but I try to keep up with it, and you are always welcome to send me a friends request on goodreads.

So lastly I have been digging this record lately, thought I would pass that recommendation on. (you can also find it on YT)


Son of the Moon


This is a free sample chapter of our upcoming book Phantasms. Contact info and disclaimer at the end of the post. Every chapter in the book concludes it self, so this is a complete short story.

The story is about some boys who plays a prank that goes horribly wrong. (okay I was always rubbish with blurbs)

It’s written for young adults, there is nothing too graphic in it.

You can also download it as a PDF, sorry – no clue how to create a mobi file.


There’s a storm brewing on the horizon.

So I have been thinking that I should start to dabble in short horror stories again. I have two longer projects for books, but right now I am still dealing with my absolute distaste for PR work, when I had to promote Kryos.

Anyway you really should follow me & Heathers blog, I am going to post whatever I get around to write both here and there as free stuff. I need to get back into the saddle.

I have posted a longer post elsewhere about how horrible I thought it was to advertise for myself, which almost ended up destroying my drive for writing and sharing. It took me the better side of 3 months to even write something again, and when I finally did, I had lost all and any interest in publishing. It’s slowly returning though, and I guess I am licking my wounds and am trying to get back into the saddle. I figured it would be best to start in the small.

I found this blog on blogspot which had a lot of cool stuff, including some horror prompts which I am gonna look into and see if I can fill some of them.

In case your muse kicks you from computergames, mine does sometimes – I reblogged this list of free indie horror games on my Tumblr.