Hunted a beast, found a man.

I read this article by some police officer who had investigated these child murders, and it got me thinking. Some crimes are just so brutal that you imagine the violator as some derraged beast, cause no rational person could ever do something like “that”, but if you look at something like, then what strikes me (and probably you as well) will be how highly functioning a lot of these monsters are.

And really if you think about it, if you stick out in a crowd it will be harder to remain obscure. That is why we tell our children about the whole “stranger danger”, cause if “normal” people weren’t crazy then we could just tell our kids to look out for bizarre looking/acting people.


Watching: Jack goes home

Jack Goes Home is just one of those movies that you think is going to be utter shite, but it turns out that you are glued to the damn screen. It’s super hard to explain the premises to this movie, but Jack goes home for his dads funeral, he has a history with mental illness, but everything around him is weird and you are not sure if you see the world through his filter or if it’s really happening. It is a super dark movie, and I absolutely recommend it a lot! I wouldn’t call it straight up horror, more like suspence horror, it’s a pretty slow burn movie.

Watching: Devil in the dark

This was one of those movies with low ratings that was never promoted, which surprised me the most. I absolutely adored it and I am not easy to please either cause I saw so many horror movies over the years that you sorta get jaded towards really bad plots.

So this movie is about two brothers who set out for a hunting trip, and they happen upon a monster – that’s it really, but the monster is not exactly what you’d think, and most of all it balances really well between supernatural and normal, real and hallucination.

I am not good at writing these things, but I am telling you it’s definitely worth a look.

Reading: Missing people – True stories from Police files

Missing People: True Stories From Police Files: What Really Happened To Them? (Unexplained Disappearances Book 1)Missing People: True Stories From Police Files: What Really Happened To Them? by Joseph Exton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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So this book was so mediocre that I apparently didn’t even bother writing something when I finished. I do love true crime stories and theories (more or less sane) about cold cases… but this book did not bring anything new to the table, and as far as I can see he wrote like a fuckton of these – I honestly reads like a wiki copypaste thing – just don’t bother.

Reading: Scariest stories ever

Scariest Stories EverScariest Stories Ever by Chilling Tales For Dark Nights

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

too many boring stories, badly paced. but all in all a decent collection.

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This book is like super cheap, so it’s worth the asking price if you are going on hollidays, or maybe just happen to be desperate for something to read. Lots of the stories are older and if you like short horror stories, chances are you read more than half.