Reading: The reddening

The Reddening by Adam Nevill

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I read 50 pages and gave up. Dude if I wanted to read about people aimlessly wandering around running into weirdos with large heads – i’d read the Hobbit again.
I was so super dissappointed, and I do realise it’s folklore – but the author has written such awesome stories that I had not expeced to be bored to tears. Win some lose some, I suppose.

Don’t bother reading it if you aren’t into slow burn weirdness.

Reading: Before you sleep

Before You Sleep: Three HorrorsBefore You Sleep: Three Horrors by Adam Nevill

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I actually liked the two first stories, they seem to cut off in a weird manner, not sure if the author just don’t know how to finish them or whatever the reason could be, then I would love to read an actual genuinely worked through version of the first story. The last story was just super uninspired and a tired trope, but I would recommend it anyways in case you like me are on vacation and need something super light to read.

I mean it tho, that first story could have been REALLY good dammit!!