Reading: Bait

Bait by Amy Cross

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Really I tried. I usually love what this author makes, so I actually bought 2 of the books in the series without even thinking twice. Yeah… Who wants a kindlebook?

I don’t even recall why I found it so terribly boring – and that in it self tells me something about it, I mean I have no clue what it was about besides two crimminals discussing whatever, tiles I think? or maybe that was another book. *sigh

Seriously, this author is so good! this book is however not, and I am not even going to deal with the sequel unless the world ends and the world run out of other books to read. (well not true, cause there are worse books than this – by far!) I guess I am just super diappointed.

Reading: The butchers husband & other stories

The Butcher’s Husband and Other Stories by Amy Cross

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I don’t know man, it’s not horror in the way I’d label the genre, it’s more like surreal nightmares. And the thing is that I personally were never into super surreal stories. I absolutely hated the story ‘the butchers husband’, it was stupid (and not made better because there were a part 2), it was unoriginal and trivial. With that said, then the story about the talking dog, and the story about the cop with the tumor was absolutely great, and I enjoyed those two way more than I thought I would. This attests to the authors skill, because when you present someone like me with a genere than I honestly don’t care for and you still draw me in and hold my interest – it is because you are good at story telling!.
Would I reccomend this book? no! absolutely not! This author has written so many books, and so many books much, much better than this one.

Reading: Dark little wonders & other stories

Dark Little Wonders and Other Stories by Amy Cross

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was so freaking awesome – well if you ignore the last story which I ended up skimming, but hey each to our own, someone might find that story interesting, it is however not me.
But as usually the author does not dissappoint.
It is a super gritty collection, and you should be ready for some very uncomfortable and uncompromising stories if you pick this up.

Reading: Perfect little monsters

Perfect Little Monsters and Other Stories

Perfect Little Monsters and Other Stories by Amy Cross

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There were two stories in the book which was memorable, but all in all it’s a mediocre read if you are used to the authors other works. I love how the author is never backing down from topics and have no problem writing some really psychologically disturbing stories, and maybe that is why I am a little disappointed when she writes something which is painfully predictable and borderline boring.

Reading: Room 9 and other ghost stories

Room 9 and Other Ghost StoriesRoom 9 and Other Ghost Stories by Amy Cross

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was excellent, there are some absolutely awesome short stories in here, but also a couple of really weak ones. But what makes this collection stand out is that the good stories are SO good that you sorta forgive the weaker (boring) ones. It’s strange to me that the stories wary this much in quality, but it just show that this author can bring her absolute A game when she needs to. I will absolutely buy other titles from her in the future.