Reading: The Bloodworth /r/nosleep Master collection.

The BLOODWORTH /r/nosleep Master Collection (The BLOODWORTH /r/nosleep Collection)The BLOODWORTH /r/nosleep Master Collection by Christopher Bloodworth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I knew some of the stories, but it is still a super awesome collection. Very good place to start reading the authors works, there is a little of everything, the mediocre, the gross, and the super awesome!

Reading: Cold, thin air – vol 3

Cold, Thin Air Volume 3Cold, Thin Air Volume 3 by C. Walker

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

it seems uninspired and confused in general, also seems like there was no proof reader which is a shame because it does take away from the stories.
Last story in the book is however up to standard of what I have read before, from this otherwise totally amazing author.

I talked about this tragic clusterfuck in a video too, and I honestly cannot express how disappointed I was, cause C.K. Walker is an awesome damn author! I have no clue why she write this, maybe she needed to pay rent? Honestly as I said above (and in the video) it’s such a uninspired collection, and really only one of the stories are any good. They are original though! I hope the next book in this series will be as awesome as the two first! You TOTALLY need to read those!