Reading: The book #1

The Book #1 by Erik Hendrix

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I don’t get it.

Call me stupid, but I don’t understand the storyline, and I don’t like the art style. Also I am back at my pet peeve – cliffhangers.. why, just why. It doesn’t make me want to buy the next album, it just pisses me off because it leads me to believe that this is the trend in the series, and I don’t want to use money on 2 or 3 issues to even reach a point where I am invested enough to care.

Call me jaded, and I realise it’s a business model – I just hate it, and it is the biggest turn off for me.

I can’t even write a decent reveiw because as I said I don’t get it.. woman is sacrificed, some cops do cop stuff, also someone finds a book on the last page in the issue. what?

Reading: Welcome to Heaven’s peak

Heaven’s Peak by Miguel Estrada

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Not even sure where to start – just don’t – unless you have been doing meth for a week, really needs to sleep but can’t afford the street price of downers. Then – and only then, pick this up.

Seriously if I could give it minus 5 stars I would have.