Reading: Darkness blooms

Darkness Blooms by Christopher Bloodworth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

honestly not my jam, but I still found that I was entertained. So my expectations was high in regards to the author, but the premise not so much. Glad that Bloodworth pulled it off.
I got this for free on Amazon, and you can’t really argue with that price, I might have been more critical had I paid money for it.

Reading: Tales from the gas station (vol I)

Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One by Jack Townsend

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Best thing I read all year. It’s easy to read, easy to follow – funny and enjoyable, it has just enough bizarre mystery and hints of contemporary horror to keep someone like me interested.
So if you are going to read 1 book this year, let it be this one.

PS: I swear this review is not seen in the light of all the shit books I have been wasting my precious time with lately.

You can read the original blog here and you can listen to this book as an audio book, narrated by the talented MrCreepyPasta

Reading: Stolen Tongues

Stolen Tongues by Felix Blackwell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this book. I admit that I would have loved to have more like the first part/story in there, and I also think the ending suffered, which is a shame. But I do see how the author would be hard pressed to end this in any other way.
Regardless of me thinking the ending could have been better, then it’s a solid 5 stars for the most enjoyable read I have had this year.

You can listen to MrCreepyPasta’s narration of this book here:

Reading: Bad Man

Bad Man

Bad Man by Dathan Auerbach

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Never have I wanted to love a book more than this – the premise is great, and I KNOW the author is magnificent. Sadly the book falls flat, like super flat! It’s great until you realise the very undercooked “who dunnit” plot, and then you go from excited about the characters and the different twists and plot branching out getting more and more creepy and mysterious – directly to WTF in less than 4 pages. And it’s not a good wtf, it’s the kind that makes you want to cry, mostly cause you paid money for this book. That is how terrible I actually think the book turned out to be. Without spoilers then Resident Evil 4’s ufo-dog ending made more sense.
The level of artistry, care for details he showed his first book, might leave people like me with huge expectations to whatever follow up there was from the author. I really, really hope that this is a fluke, and not because the author was a one trick pony! I give it two stars because 80% of the book is great, it keeps you entertained and engaged, but it simply fails so hard that I want to rewrite the ending and send it to the author.

Reading: The Sun Dog

The Sun Dog

The Sun Dog by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A golden oldie – for me at least. I first read this as a teenager, and a friend from school who went to the US for a year as an exchange student, and she came home with all these awesome Stephen King books that you couldn’t get in Denmark. I of course read my way through all her treasures from abroad, but the only one that stuck out to me, and that I still recall was the Sun Dog. I was super happy that they decided to split up the collection 4 past midnight, so I could just buy this one novella as a stand alone.
It didn’t lose anything over time for me, it was still as scary as I recall it, but maybe that is because i am from a time where we actually USED Polaroid cameras, and I remember the wait for it to develop while you held it, I remember the weight, smell and the sound of those cameras too. This I think might be lost on a younger audience who never used a camera like that, so in that aspect it didn’t age super well but that is to be expected really, I mean when you make a story whose backbone is dated hardware. But no matter what, it is still a great story and I will always recommend it to anyone who will listen – cause thing is that you don’t have to know how a polaroid acts or feels to understand the terror and urgency in the story.

Reading: Suicide Forest

Suicide Forestby Jeremy Bates

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

My first initial thought was ‘%&!# that was lame’ – But I realise that it’s hardly a review. So a more adult version is;
First part of the book is stupid slow, lots of getting to know the characters, and getting introduced to situations and characters that serves no, NO – purpose at all. I realize the author must have thought that a deep character makes us care, but it just falls flat because it is pointless and boring.
The middle of the book is actually really decent, hence the 1 star – it efficiently was creepy, and kept you guessing why people were dying, was it a supernatural curse, or was it a ‘who done it’ situation.
The last part of the book, the conclusion was so lame that it made me laugh- and just when I thought I had reached the peak of stupid, it just got worse from there.
I do not under any circumstances recommend this book, I would rather sort socks or stare at paint drying. And I wonder what went wrong, the author has this fantastic scene with a long and deep history, and he manages to make it into a uwe boll movie.

Reading: The Asylum

The AsylumThe Asylum by Matt Dymerski

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I loved this story, all the way to the conclusion… It’s not like I missed the point of the story, I just think it’s lame – it’s a free book, so I won’t judge it too hard, and also because the story is actually really great up to a certain point, great world building and characters – and a plot that keeps you invested – until it just doesn’t.
But I still absolutely recommend you to get the book, even if only then for a quick, fun, engaging read.