Reading: Bloodborne – the veil, torn asunder (#13 – 16)

Bloodborne #13 by Aleš Kot

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This reveiw is for issues 13 to 16 – the veil, torn asunder.

Can I just say I really wish this was never made?

I mean if you are into psychadelic timetravel, maybe this is it for you. Me, I had no clue what the hell happened in 90% of this story arc. I just couldn’t get into it. I mean it’s so bad that I sort of hope it was some strange form of cashgrab when you’re empty for ideas?

I so wished for this last arc to give me something of what the two first arcs had – exansion of lore, and the feeling of reading Bloodborne, having the time to look at all the dystopian beauty. But no, this is even worse than the arc that came before. It reminds me of some strange crossover standalone issue that someone made as a faneffort. And it’s such a crying shame, because the quality of the art and the storytelling is there – the actual story is just not.

I want my money back.

Reading: Bloodborne – a song of crows (#9 -12)

Bloodborne #9 by Aleš Kot

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This reveiw is for issue 9 to 12 – the song of crows.

in the game, Eileen is one of my favorite characters, she is badass and a little jaded, sad and mysterious too. So I was very exited to see this story arc, and read that it was about her origin. Sadly this is where this comic series as a whole (#1 to 16) takes a dramatic nosedive.

It’s terrible, I have no other words for it. I think it was issue 11 that was like only some LSD inspired images of her falling through stuff. Come on, I wanted her origin story, I don’t want something that looks like the author and illustrator tried to make something psychadelic to explain something deep, that they don’t really know how to explain or bridge, and ergo tries to be all spacy about it so no one questions it.

It’s somehow very disjointed from the Eileen you meet in the game, and it’s not like Bloodborne is overly Lovecraftian, until the end. And I do realise that the cosmic terror is a part of the lore, but it somehow just seems weird in this comic form, it doesn’t work at all.

Please don’t.

Words of advise, if you read this arc, don’t expect a whole lot – and maybe it’s even enjoyable.

Reading: Bloodborne – the healing thirst (#5 -8)

Bloodborne #5 by Aleš Kot

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This reveiw is for issues 5 to 8, the story arc of ‘the healing thirst’.

Now I loved the first 4 issues so much, that I bought this without even thinking. The art is just as beautiful, and the lore just as integrated. And I absolutely loved specific parts of this story arc. I did however not like it as much as the first arc. I don’t know, I think that they could have made some different choices, and encorporated more of the characters we know from the game. But this is just a problem I have with many stories inspired from a different media – we don’t read it to get a story in the universe, we read it to have our need for lore expanded upon and to see characters we know and love.

I will however recommend this, since it is a damn good comic – and does expand on the lore, and is engaging from the first page.

Reading: Bloodborne (#1 – 4)

Bloodborne #1 by Aleš Kot

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This reveiw goes for all the issues in this story arch (1 – 4)

I loved this story about the hunter and the paleblood child. It has loads of lore, but nothing so complicated that you can’t follow it if you played the game, and maybe didn’t endulge in deep lore videos and books.
it’s super well drawn, told and is engaging. I bought the entire series of comics (from 1 – 16) on the back of these first issues, I sort of wish I hadn’t but that is not a story for now.

I will however recommend these first 4 issues in this series, because they are absolutely awesome in every way. Even if you never played Bloodborne I am quite sure that you’d be able to follow the plot, but might not understand the ending.