Reading: The book #1

The Book #1 by Erik Hendrix

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I don’t get it.

Call me stupid, but I don’t understand the storyline, and I don’t like the art style. Also I am back at my pet peeve – cliffhangers.. why, just why. It doesn’t make me want to buy the next album, it just pisses me off because it leads me to believe that this is the trend in the series, and I don’t want to use money on 2 or 3 issues to even reach a point where I am invested enough to care.

Call me jaded, and I realise it’s a business model – I just hate it, and it is the biggest turn off for me.

I can’t even write a decent reveiw because as I said I don’t get it.. woman is sacrificed, some cops do cop stuff, also someone finds a book on the last page in the issue. what?

Reading: Bait

Bait by Amy Cross

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Really I tried. I usually love what this author makes, so I actually bought 2 of the books in the series without even thinking twice. Yeah… Who wants a kindlebook?

I don’t even recall why I found it so terribly boring – and that in it self tells me something about it, I mean I have no clue what it was about besides two crimminals discussing whatever, tiles I think? or maybe that was another book. *sigh

Seriously, this author is so good! this book is however not, and I am not even going to deal with the sequel unless the world ends and the world run out of other books to read. (well not true, cause there are worse books than this – by far!) I guess I am just super diappointed.

Reading: Kellie’s Diary #1

Kellie’s Diary #1 by Thomas Jenner

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

First I have to say that it has a great premise, and I love the fact that it’s available both as a sort of graphic novella (no pictures but it looks hand written on paper), and as a regular text kindle read.

But that is about the only nice thing I have to say. Because you #¤% me off! You know what I hate? I hate cliffhangers, and I hate obvious money grabs. This is the same reason I don’t play anything on, or give my credit information to my new uncle that emailed me from Nigeria

– And you did both. Not only did you end the book on the mother of all cliffhangers – which I could have forgiven you for, was it not for the fact that you have like 4 more books in the series that I am expected to pay for.

I was invested, the premise as I said, was solid. But there is no way in hell that I am paying for what is essensial a fanfic that would have done better on reddit.

My advise to you? revise it, and have 2 books instead and maybe then people wouldn’t feel like they just got involved in a ponzi.

Reading: Asylum Archives – Case study Vol. II

Asylum Archives Case Study Vol. 2: True accounts from the insane by Jaron Briggs

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Don’t bother – This book one long incredibly lame cringe-fest.

I could say somthing about how absolutely loosely the author use the term ‘insane’, and I could say something about how offensive that actually comes off. I won’t – I will however say that the first story is semi decent, and when reading that you could be tricked into thinking there might be a theme… IT’S A TRAP!

Reading: The butcher and other supernatural tales Vol2.

The Butcher and Other Supernatural Tales Vol. 2 by Brendon Faife

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Just don’t bother unless you know the author and want to help – but you’d probably do better by buying him a coffee on KO-FI, cause then you’d not have to read this book.

Reading: The monsters we forgot (vol 1)

The Monsters We Forgot: Volume 1 by R.C. Bowman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I see most people give this more stars than me, and it might have been one of the reasons why I bought it – I mean the bunch of 4 star reveiws, but I was bored to TEARS. I had to give up halfway, and never got around to finish it, and I guess it’s a personal preference thing, it is not the quality.

Reading: Suicide Forest

Suicide Forestby Jeremy Bates

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

My first initial thought was ‘%&!# that was lame’ – But I realise that it’s hardly a review. So a more adult version is;
First part of the book is stupid slow, lots of getting to know the characters, and getting introduced to situations and characters that serves no, NO – purpose at all. I realize the author must have thought that a deep character makes us care, but it just falls flat because it is pointless and boring.
The middle of the book is actually really decent, hence the 1 star – it efficiently was creepy, and kept you guessing why people were dying, was it a supernatural curse, or was it a ‘who done it’ situation.
The last part of the book, the conclusion was so lame that it made me laugh- and just when I thought I had reached the peak of stupid, it just got worse from there.
I do not under any circumstances recommend this book, I would rather sort socks or stare at paint drying. And I wonder what went wrong, the author has this fantastic scene with a long and deep history, and he manages to make it into a uwe boll movie.