Reading: Suicide Forest

Suicide Forest (World's Scariest Places, #1)Suicide Forest by Jeremy Bates

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

My first initial thought was ‘%&!# that was lame’ – But I realise that it’s hardly a review. So a more adult version is;
First part of the book is stupid slow, lots of getting to know the characters, and getting introduced to situations and characters that serves no, NO – purpose at all. I realize the author must have thought that a deep character makes us care, but it just falls flat because it is pointless and boring.
The middle of the book is actually really decent, hence the 1 star – it efficiently was creepy, and kept you guessing why people were dying, was it a supernatural curse, or was it a ‘who done it’ situation.
The last part of the book, the conclusion was so lame that it made me laugh- and just when I thought I had reached the peak of stupid, it just got worse from there.
I do not under any circumstances recommend this book, I would rather sort socks or stare at paint drying. And I wonder what went wrong, the author has this fantastic scene with a long and deep history, and he manages to make it into a uwe boll movie.

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Commission work for L. Veggerby


So I got the opportunity not only to be a part of a creative process, but to make something different. I was commissioned to make 4 swatches 20×20 for a dog. The owner of the dog is a seamstress by trade and will make these swatches into legwarmers for the dog. I will show you a photo of the finished project of course.

The swatches are made from blackberry salad, peephole, diamonds and squares & granny skull stitches. The yarn is 45% Alpaca, 30% Polyamide and 25% Wool.



Bifrost is a shawlette made in a vagabond pattern, it is 100% cotton. The vagabond shawlette is asymmetric, and because of that has a really nice fall to it when used as a scarf.

The measurements is circa because it’s sort of hard to measure something crescent shaped with a ruler.

The vagabond pattern is made by purpleiguana, it is free and can be found on Ravelry.

Model, spider brooch and cat – not included. 😛


[In Norse mythology, Bifröst or sometimes Bilröst or Bivrost) is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.]

List over commissions and general work plan for crochet projects. (updated regularly)

Posted by Rikke Petersen on Friday, November 2, 2018

No dates, and also it’s in Danish – but if your name is there, you can see it. =)

Private (for my son). [Yggdrasil]


Yggdrasil is made in a Vagabond pattern, (pattern by purpleiguana, for free on Ravelry). It’s made in 100% Alpaca wool, and on purpose much smaller than I would normal make a shawlette, or a scarf – because it’s made to fit a child.

[Yggdrasil (/ˈɪɡdrəsɪl, ˈɪɡdrəzɪl/; from Old Norse Yggdrasill, pronounced [ˈyɡːˌdrasilː]) is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology]

Commission work for G. McDonald. [Kitty Marion]


Kitty Marion are a pair of dragon scale gloves made in 70% Alpaca, 23% Polyamide & 7% Wool. They are commission work for G. McDonald.  Hand model is my daughter.

[Kitty Marion was a German-born actress and political activist. She was a prominent suffragette during the women’s suffrage movement in the United Kingdom, and is notable for having endured more than 200 force-feedings in prison while on hunger strike. After emigrating to the United States, she was again arrested on nine occasions – this time for birth control advocacy.]

Dragon Scale gloves, for sale on Etsy [Fáfnir]


Fáfnir are a pair of gloves made in a dragon scale pattern, they are a size small, and will fit a small woman’s hand or a child. The yarn is 98% Acrylic and 2% polyamide with metallic ‘glitter’ effect yarn.
The hand model is my 14 year old son.


[In Norse mythology, Fáfnir (Old Norse and Icelandic) or Frænir is a son of the dwarf king Hreidmar and brother of Regin, Ótr, Lyngheiðr and Lofnheiðr. After being affected by the curse of Andvari’s ring and gold, Fafnir became a dragon and was slain by Sigurd.]

Should you wish to commission me, then the shop is open. I cannot commit to anything delivered before Christmas though. You can find my price list here, and you can of course also go check out my Etsy for already made projects.