Reading: Deranged dreams & Straitjacket screams

Deranged Dreams & Straitjacket ScreamsDeranged Dreams & Straitjacket Screams by C.J. Cannatelli

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Super short and sweet. Great collection of scary stories, I really enjoyed the read!

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Reading: The Asylum

The AsylumThe Asylum by Matt Dymerski

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I loved this story, all the way to the conclusion… It’s not like I missed the point of the story, I just think it’s lame – it’s a free book, so I won’t judge it too hard, and also because the story is actually really great up to a certain point, great world building and characters – and a plot that keeps you invested – until it just doesn’t.
But I still absolutely recommend you to get the book, even if only then for a quick, fun, engaging read.

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Reading: Aberrations

AberrationsAberrations by Matt Dymerski

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Usually I adore this author, and will almost always find some redeeming quality with everything he writes. This however is not one of those times – I will say that a few of the stories were good, but by far the most of the stories in this book was either just weird (before first edit kind of weird). or just very uninspired. I would absolutely recommend that you skip this one and go read some of this authors other books.

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Reading: Anything can be Dangerous

Anything can be DangerousAnything can be Dangerous by Matt Hults

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The first story from which the book has it’s name, was very strange – and in the WTF way, not in the ‘oh I want to learn more about this’ way. It would have been good if it had stopped like a quarter of the way, then it would have been just remotely creepy. As it is now, it’s drawn out and a little too Koontz’esque for my taste (a.i. man with gun in one hand, and a woman swooning on his other arm – takes up battle with supernatural phenomenon) -Dare I say Mary-Stu?
The rest of the book is preveiws of other books by other authors, and the few I read there was some that sounded like they could be okay, like the cops and the creepy ritual killer (v. Se7en). Anywho, it got real old, real fast to read snippets of books that I am never gonna buy, and I think it’s a complete ripoff to call this a book at all… I KNOW I downloaded this for free for kindle, and I KNOW it says sampler on the front – so I shouldn’t complain – but free doesn’t mean horseshit, it means you bring your A game to reel in new readers. *ding dong shame! shame! ding dong*
…and Matt – more isn’t better.

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