There has to be rules…


I just made a video about what I think the reason for passive mob mentality is, and using the backdrop of the apocalypse because it is just so good for putting  things into frame.

Basically what I was talking about was how scary people in groups who blindly follow for which ever reason is. And that I think these followers could be any of us really. We might think we are the heroes, but what if we are not? Odds are that we aren’t. If you like me got children to protect for instance, I don’t think you’d make a horrible ruckus of yourself, you just swim down stream and hope for the best, all to protect your family.

I did talk about Maslows pyramid, which in short terms is about human needs – Actually I see the pyramid more like a staircase, but it is a pyramid. So like the food pyramid what we need the most of us the largest portion, and the bottom portion. This largest part is the physiological aspect, meaning that it’s crucial to your survival. Second there is safety/security which I read more like I have a weapon to defend myself, I have food so I won’t starve. Lastly (for the steps I find basic in the pyramid) is social interaction/love.

Social interaction is not crucial, but I think that people would automatically look for others to join, be it a small community with a wall that would cover the two other steps as well, or just for the sole reason of acknowledgement. Humans thrive on acknowledgement, it’s important to every single one of us in terms of mental health.

And really what would you be ready to do in order to fit into a group if it was life or death? Or at least you thought it was?

The whole topic makes me think of the lord of the flies, if you have not read it – you should! I remember reading that book as a teenager and it really changed a lot for me, because just as much as you were rooting for some of the characters, you found yourself understanding the dystopian outlook – it just seemed so cruel and wrong, but in reality the kids on the island did nothing that adults wouldn’t do. Actually they did what they thought adults would do.

Food for thought really.

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